Where and How


Project Share is an NGO registered in Ghana, which operates in the Gushegu district of the Northern RegionDagombas are the main inhabitants of this district, as well as the largest people group in northern Ghana (numbering about 1 million).  The Dagomba kingdom became Islamic about 400 years ago and the prevailing opinion is that to be a Dagomba means to be a Muslim.  Most Dagombas mix Islam with their traditional faith.  About 2% are Christians.  Within the Dagomba kingdom the Gushegu district is considered remote and behind in development. The whole area covers 5,796 km2 and contains  469 (mostly small) villages. Other ethnic groups in this area include Konkombas and Fulanis.

Project Share’s main areas of involvement are community health care, education and agriculture. We are motivated to do this work by our Christian faith and the belief that every human being has a God-given right to improve their living conditions, both spiritually and physically.  Our role is to help them access these opportunities.  Close co-operation in all areas is sought at District, Regional and/or National levels with government institutions, and with other relevant organisations in order to share experiences and seek funding for various projects.