What can you give towards?

You can choose to support a specific project, either Neesim  School or Neesim Nutrition Centre.

It costs £150 to rehabilitate one child at Neesim Nutrition Centre.

It costs £8 a month to fund a child’s education at Neesim School.

You could choose to support a certain appeal such as the salaries for our Junior High School teachers (around £700 a month) or the salary of our nutritionist (£300 per month).

Or you could give a general gift. These are put towards the area of greatest need or general transport or admin costs.

We especially value regular monthly donations which help us to plan ahead. Any amount, no matter how small, can make a real difference.

For information on how to give please click here.

For more information on any of the above, or if you’re interested in supporting a worker or team member, please contact us