How can you contribute?

– You can let us know that you want to receive the Project
– Share newsletter two or three times a year to stay up to date on what’s happening in the various projects.

You can contribute financially to any of the projects.
You can contribute in practical ways.
– You can consider coming to volunteer.

Financial contributions

If you live in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe: Gifts can be transferred to Stichting Project Share Nederland in Leiden, Rabobank NL83RABO015.25.56.281. Please mark your gift with the intended purpose (e.g. nutrition centre, etc). If you pay taxes in the Netherlands, your gift is then tax deductible. Thank you!

If you live in the UK: Gifts can be sent through Partner Aid who will channel the funds to us. Check out their website for information on how to give. They deduct a 5% charge to cover their expenses but donating through them means that we can benefit from gift aid and they also help us to make applications to charitable trusts. Please remember to drop them an email or post a note stating what your gift is for eg ‘Project Share – Neesim Nutrition Centre’. Thank you!

If you live in the US: Please contact us for more information on how to give.

If you make a financial contribution, please drop us an email, so we can keep you updated on the difference your donation has made.

Practical ways to support

– At times we collect toys and educational materials for the school.
At other times we organise a team of people to, for instance, do some building work, help with children’s work or assist a medical team in practical ways.
There may be other ways to practically support the work. Maybe you have some ideas about that yourself. If so, do let us know. Check the news items to stay up to date with what’s happening that you could get involved in.