Thank you for visiting the Project Share Netherlands foundation site. Based in the Netherlands we support several projects in Northern Ghana. We do this by supporting two related organisations.

This foundation is founded in 2009 to raise funds and support and promote the interests of the Project Share team in Ghana.

We actively support:
– Project Share Ghana
– Queen of Sheba

This foundation is founded in 2009 for the interest of the Project Share teams in Ghana, by:
– Facilitating the support by sponsors, folowing the ANBI Dutch tax guidelines, enabling tax reduction for our sponsors
– Acquisition of funding and expanding the network of supporters and sponsors
– Relationships with (regional) aid organisations
– Communicating about the projects to our network
– Practical support and acting on behalf and in the interest of the teams in Ghana

Our board consists of the following members:
– Benjamin Corstanje (Otterlo), Chair person
– Niek van Gemeren (Apeldoorn), Treasurer
– Jan-Bert de Hoop (Putten), active member
– Marleen Karsten-Broersen (Enschede), Secretary
– Eva Aalbers (Nijkerk), active member, focusing on acquisition

Our board members are volunteers, they don’t receive any compensation for their efforts.

Sponsorship and funding
Our Dutch foundation received a special status (ANBI) by the Dutch tax authorities in August 2010. This enables our Dutch sponsors to claim a reduction of their income taxes.

Should you decide to make a donation to one of our supported projects, please do so by transferring the money to the foundations’ Dutch bank account: Rabobank, NL83RABO0152556281, in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Please specify the project or aim of your gift while transferring the money (e.g. Project Share Ghana, Nutrician center).

Contact information:
Stichting Project Share Nederland
Zwartkate Es 2
7541CC Enschede
+31 6 337 629 08

IBAN, Rabobank: NL83RABO0152556281
Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 27348004
RSIN registration number: 821012332