In short

In December 2009 Project Share set up Neesim School. The school aims to meet the educational needs of the three surrounding villages, and also to function as a model school for quality education in the district. We now have 11 classes (Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High), 400 children and 19 teaching staff.  Distinctives of our school include a focus on foundational skills, learning through play and local language literacy. We also invest a lot into teacher training and strong management.

The school

After several years working to support existing schools in the district but with little authority to really effect change, we realised that a good way to improve the quality of education is to set an example that can be followed. Hence in December 2009 we began Neesim School. The school is located outside of Gushegu town and mainly serves the three surrounding villages which previously had no school.

We started the school with three classes (Kindergarten 1 and 2 and Primary 1) then added a new class each year. We now have 11 classes DSCF8484across Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High making a complete basic school.  We have around 400 pupils and employ 19 teachers. We have been blessed with support to build four spacious classroom blocks which include a computer lab, a science lab and a library.

Neesim School follows the Ghanaian curriculum but lays a strong focus on foundational skills for reading and maths, through teaching in the local language in the early years, developing our own resources, and enhancing all learning skills through play. We also try to use different methods of discipline than the beating common in schools in Ghana.

There is a shortage of trained teachers in Ghana, so we take untrained teachers and provide in-service training alongside helping them to access formal distance-learning courses. We expect high standards from our teachers. Simple things such as punctuality, attendance and lesson planning are already making Neesim School stand out from the other schools in the district.

Neesim School is a Christian school, but pupils from all religious backgrounds are welcome, and almost all of our pupils come from Muslim families. We follow Christian morals and principles and each day the children are taught a Bible story. We have a good relationship with the local community who donated the land for the school, and have regular lively Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings.

The school aims to be a model school for quality education in the district, and we hope to reach out to other schools in the future to help them to improve.

Could you help?

We charge minimal school fees (around £6 per term) so that the school is affordable but parents take responsibility for their ward’s education. All exercise books and stationery are then provided.   However it costs much more than this to run the school and most of our funding comes in the form of donations from the UK, Holland, Germany and the US.

It costs just £8 a month to fund a place for one child at Neesim School. _MG_3739

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