School sponsorship

Thank you to the many people who have contributed money, either as a one-off gift, or as a monthly contribution, to sponsor some of our school children. We have been able to employ seven teachers, two each for KG1 and KG2 and one each for P1, P2a and P2b. All of these are untrained teachers, […]

We have a new building!

During the first term of school (September-December), we had to run a shift system to be able to teach all our classes. Kindergarten 1 and 2 had classes in the morning, while Primary 1 and 2 had classes in the afternoon. This was not ideal and we were dreading the hot season when temperatures reach […]

Financial overview

Over the Jan-Dec 2010 financial year Project Share had a total expenditure of €15,209.  57% was spent on the school, 29% on the nutrition centre, 11% on transport, and 3% on administration.  We had an income of €15,531, mainly from individual supporters and churches in Holland and the UK.  This also includes around €700 received […]

Bush fires

Every year around November/December, when the dry season starts and the harvest is in, the bush firest start. There are various reasons for these seasonal fires: it is believed to bring out nutrients that are good for the soil; certain grass types are burnt to prevent their seeds from spreading; and later in the year, […]

The school is ready!

After 2 months of hard work, the first school block is done! It’s a so-called natural or ecological building, using a type of stone that is very common around here instead of cement block, and with clay mixed with gravel for mortar. This not only cuts down the costs considerably, but also sets an example […]

We have a new car!

Finally, after a couple of years of car problems, we were able to get a ‘new’ car. (I use the inverted commas, because it’s not brand new, but it’s new to us.) It’s a Nissan Patrol 4×4 from 2000 with 7 seats and a roofrack. This will obviously go a long way in facilitating the […]

Coaching health volunteers

In 2006 Project Share started a health programme in Pumo. This mainly involved education on health issues (nutrition, malaria, hygiene) and assisting them in finding help (supporting an application for a borehole). In all this stimulating people to take action themselves, rather than just waiting for things to happen, played an important role. The programme […]

School renovation – part 2

In July 2006 three French Swiss came to experience life here. Together with them we were able to work on the primary school in Yagingu/Kpigi, just outside Gushegu, attended by more than 200 children. One of the two buildings had never been painted, so we arranged for materials and many hands made the work easy […]

Paint-job for primary school – part 1

This is old news – but gives an impression of what we’ve been doing. From 10th-27th July 2006 three French and Swiss university students came on a summer trip to experience life and work in Ghana. Part of the trip was some practical outreach, for which we decided to paint a local school building. Painting […]

Visit Medical Team

Imagine living in a village, which is about two hours’ travel from the nearest health facility – by bicycle, because that’s the only means of transport you have. Or imagine always being the last one to be attended to at a clinic because you’re considered a witch. Or again, imagine having a child that is […]