Building update

At the start of the school year we were one classroom short and were forced to create a temporary divide so that our Primary 4 and Primary 5 classes could both be taught in one classroom.  This was far from ideal as the children were cramped and the barrier did not keep out much of […]

Introducing Thomas…

We would like to introduce you to our new Project Coordinator. Thomas has joined the Project Share team to oversee and develop our projects. He is full of charisma and enthusiasm for the work here. We look forward to working with him and hope that his experience in agricultural development in particular will enable us […]

Sports report

We recently had our first football matches against a neighbouring school in Gushegu town. The first was between our teaching teams, and we had a sound victory, 2-0. The second was between our pupils. Our team gave a valiant effort but unfortunately we lost 4-1.

Neesim teachers get creative

We recently ran a couple of training sessions on arts and crafts, as some of our teachers struggle with teaching this subject. It is difficult for some of them to be creative and to use the materials as they never had the opportunity to do this when they were at school.

Number crunching

In 2013… 59 malnourished children were successfully rehabilitated at Neesim Nutrition Centre and sent home with mothers equipped to care for them. 14% of the children who were admitted to the nutrition centre were young babies with mothers/carers unable to breastfeed them. 86% were severely malnourished due to a lack of balanced complementary feeding.   Most […]

New academic year

We’re well into another academic year at Neesim Primary School.  With three new additions to our teaching team and two new classes the school is growing.  We now have 220 pupils! We have been joined by two German teachers who are working alongside our local teachers for six months to help them to improve the […]

A dramatic end of term

At the end of term our school children put on a show for their parents. Each class performed a drama about issues such as hygiene, healthy nutrition and the importance of education. The children did a great job and some budding actors and comedians were discovered. Here’s a few pics:

Work on our second new classroom block is under way!>

Work has started on the foundations of our second new classroom block at Neesim Primary School!  In September 2013 we will have a Primary 5 class with nowhere to be taught, so we need at least one of the classrooms finished by then.  The block will also house Primary 6 from September 2014, a computer […]

Introducing our new nutritionist…

For a while now we have been telling you of our plans to employ a professional nutritionist or nurse to work at Neesim Nutrition Centre. After searching far and wide we are delighted to announce that from April 2013 we will be employing a lovely nutritionist called Gladys… Tell us a bit about yourself Gladys. […]

Our new school block is finished!

Thank you so much to everyone who gave towards our new school block. The building is now finished and provides four spacious classrooms for our Primary 1 to 4 classes. But we can’t rest for long. In September 2013 we will be adding a new Primary 5 class, as all the children move up and […]