A new face in Neesim Nutrition Centre

In the middle of January 2021 our nutritionist who had served Project Share for almost eight years in the Neesim Nutrition Centre resigned unexpectantly, as she accepted a job at Ghana Health Service. We are thankful for her faithful service and wish her all the best for her future. Thankfully, we found a new nutritionist […]

Reopening School after Covid-19 Break

During the second term of this academic year on the 16th March 2020, Neesim School sadly had to close, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The government has given permission to reopen junior high 3 by the end of June 2020 in order to get prepared for their exams. Neesim School follows strictly the safety protocols […]

Project Share in a Mood of Celebration!

In February Project Share celebrated its 10th anniversary. All the various stakeholders honoured Project Share in participating in the celebration. Speeches were held, cultural dance took place and refreshments were enjoyed. Achievements From opening in September 2009 till the end of 2019, there were 792 admissions in Neesim Nutrition Centre which makes an average of […]

A proper Football field

We had the opportunity to clear the field next to the school in order to make a football field. A bulldozer was nearby which enabled us to remove some of the tree stumps in the field. Some young men from the village were eager and willing to help clearing the field completely. The pupils and […]

A new head in the school

Neesim school is undergoing change management. We are delighted that we have found a head teacher for Neesim school. After much searching we were able to employ a well experienced head teacher with lots of years working experience in Ghana Education Service. Mr Labik has gone through an orientation time in Neesim School in order […]

Our Junior High block is complete!

Our Junior High classroom block was completed in March 2016 using our 2nd and final year grant from the Marr-Munning Trust.  We now have four complete classrooms and can set up our science lab using funding we received from an anonymous Dutch donor last year.  We have classrooms ready for our JH2 and JH3 classes […]

Water of life

Thanks to a generous grant we have been able to sink a borehole to provide clean piped water to the school and nutrition centre. This means the mothers and pupils no longer have to spend time fetching water and can more easily put into practice what they learn about hygiene. Washing hands before eating and […]

Birthday Celebrations!

Neesim Primary School and Neesim Nutrition Centre are both now five years old and in January 2015 we held a big celebration with traditional music and dancing, speeches, testimonies and performances from our school children. The regent of Gushegu came, along with his sub-chiefs and his musicians who arrived sat on top of the car, […]

New computers, new opportunities!

In December 2014, thanks to a generous grant from a British charitable trust, we were able to replace the 8 ailing computers in Neesim Primary School’s computer lab with 20 high quality re-furbished computers, fully networked and with internet access! IT skills are increasingly important in the Ghanaian job market, but few people in rural […]

The great Ghanaian bake off

Malnutrition in Gushegu District is predominantly the result of a lack of knowledge about how to provide a balanced diet . In July and August 2014, thanks to a generous grant from World Vision Ghana, we were able to conduct cooking demonstrations on the use of moringa (a highly nutritious leaf) and soya beans for […]