Coaching health volunteers

In 2006 Project Share started a health programme in Pumo. This mainly involved education on health issues (nutrition, malaria, hygiene) and assisting them in finding help (supporting an application for a borehole). In all this stimulating people to take action themselves, rather than just waiting for things to happen, played an important role. The programme […]

Health education in schools

SHEP (School Health Education Programmes) is part of the Ghana Health Service and deals with health education in the schools. It is important to give support to this programme, to prevent diseases and problems at school and raise awareness of the youth about health issues. In the past year we were able to make good […]

Visit Medical Team

Imagine living in a village, which is about two hours’ travel from the nearest health facility – by bicycle, because that’s the only means of transport you have. Or imagine always being the last one to be attended to at a clinic because you’re considered a witch. Or again, imagine having a child that is […]