New nutrition centre building – the grand opening!

On Saturday we were delighted to be able to open the new building for our nutrition centre.   Lots of people came to celebrate with us, including some chiefs and sub-chiefs from Gushegu and nearby villages.  We enjoyed traditional music, dancing and speeches before the chief of Yishelanyili (the village next to the nutrition centre) cut […]

Neesim Nutrition Centre gets a new home

Thank you to everyone who generously contributed to our recent appeals for the nutrition centre. We now have enough money to keep the centre running for several months, plus all the funding has come in for the new building and it is well on its way Sale do products I looking for brand viagra I […]

Nutrition centre in trouble?!

Neesim nutrition centre runs entirely on gifts from individuals and churches. Unfortunately, these gifts don’t come in very regularly and funds are running low.  At the moment, the nutrition centre is in desperate need of funding in order to continue its life-saving work.  Every month we help an average of seven children to overcome malnutrition […]

Educating mothers

Lack of knowledge is the main cause of malnutrition in the Gushegu district. Most mothers simply don’t know that a child of 6 months old needs more than breast milk alone. Usually women breastfeed exclusively for about a year or even more. In this way, a child slowly starves, entering the vicious cycle of malnutrition. […]

Twins are doing well

When twins are born, one is usually a little smaller than the other. This is a natural phenomenon and usually it’s nothing worrying. But if the twins are born too small already, then the smaller of the two is much more likely to get malnourished. We’ve seen this in the nutrition centre a number of […]

Financial overview

Over the Jan-Dec 2010 financial year Project Share had a total expenditure of €15,209.  57% was spent on the school, 29% on the nutrition centre, 11% on transport, and 3% on administration.  We had an income of €15,531, mainly from individual supporters and churches in Holland and the UK.  This also includes around €700 received […]

Ibrahim gets a second chance

Ibrahim’s mother Azaratu was worried about her sick four year old, Ibrahim.  She didn’t know why he was sick, but she had already lost five children, two directly from the disease which was now taking Ibrahim.  She didn’t know what to do.  One day a kind lady stopped her in the market and told her […]

Nutrition centre

There are so many stories we could tell of children who have already passed through Neesim Nutrition Centre, it’s hard to know where to start. For instance, the story of Sana. When she came to us, she could hardly open her eyes because her whole face was swollen as a result of the severe malnutrition. […]

Malnutrition (1)

If you are working at the clinic and weighing the babies, it doesn’t take much too notice: there are a lot of underweight children around here. This isn’t necessarily a problem – some children are just small. Yet we discovered that this was a symptom of another problem: malnutrition. It appears to be a complex […]

Mother support groups (1)

In 2006/2007 the local clinic made contact with a number of mothers here in Gushegu, with the plan of starting a few Mother-to-mother support groups. The motivation for this was to promote correct breastfeeding, in the context of the new hospital. Those initial groups were never started for various (financiele) reasons.Project Share saw great potential […]