Mumuni`s way to more breastmilk

Mumuni came to the centre slightly malnourished when he was three months old. His mother thought this was due to her not having enough breastmilk. They bought milk formula to feed Mumuni to supplement breastfeeding him. His mother still had problems feeding him, so she took him to the hospital where she was advised to […]

Home visits

  The Neesim Nutrition Centre staff aim to do follow up on the children once they are discharged in order to prevent from relapses. During home visits the mothers often share with us how they are able to put into practise what they learnt in the centre and the chal-lenges they face that makes it […]

A new outfit for the Nutrition Centre

During the first quarter of 2018, we undertook significant maintenance work at the centre. The climate here, and the insects, can take its toll on our infrastructure, and we were delighted to be able to do some much needed repairs and to refresh the centre with a new coat of paint. We also put up […]

A second chance for Fatima

In 2017, 58 children out of the 67 new admissions were successfully rehabilitated at Neesim Nutrition Centre. Another 58 children got a second chance and hope for a better future. At the same time, the mothers of these children have learned a lot, and they can share their knowledge about healthy local food at home. […]

A child (or two) is born!

As we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus this Christmas season we have also had some tiny new arrivals at Neesim Nutrition Centre.  This is always a busy season for us, as once the farming season is over people are more free to seek help for their children.  We have 19 children in the […]

“You wouldn’t believe what I am seeing today!”

Majeed* didn’t like to eat.  At 9 months old he still only took breastmilk, refusing other food.  At 7 months old he had suffered from vomiting and diarrhoea, and since then he had been wasting away before his family’s eyes.  They didn’t know what was wrong.  They tried traditional treatment and took him to the […]

Rashid’s road to recovery

From January to March 2017, 39 children were rehabilitated at Neesim Nutrition Centre.  The youngest child was just one month old, and the oldest was Rashid* at four years. Rashid came to us at 4 years old, weighing 14.1kg with severe oedema (body swelling due to a lack of protein in particular).  Rashid had been […]

A Twin Transformation

On a recent visit to his hometown in the next district, one of our teachers from Neesim School came across Fouzia and Razak*.  At 20 months old, Fouzia weighed 6.5kg, she was able to walk but was moderately malnourished.  Her twin brother, Razak, however, was extremely malnourished weighing just 4.5kg and barely able to crawl.  […]

Could you be our next Nutrition Centre Caretaker?

Project Share is looking to a recruit a new caretaker for our rehabilitation centre for malnourished children from September 2016.  We are looking for a Ghanaian woman with a passion for healthcare and working with children.  The successful applicant must be a high school leaver, fluent in both Dagbani and English, and willing to settle […]

Mohammed’s story

Neesim Nutrition Centre continues to provide vital rehabilitation to malnourished children alongside education for their mothers on healthy nutrition and hygienic living. From January to March 2016, 22 children were treated at the centre.  8 went home healthy with mothers equipped to care for them, and 14 were still in the process of rehabilitation at […]