The school is ready!

After 2 months of hard work, the first school block is done! It’s a so-called natural or ecological building, using a type of stone that is very common around here instead of cement block, and with clay mixed with gravel for mortar. This not only cuts down the costs considerably, but also sets an example […]

Children’s club

In Feburary Chentiwuni and I set up a Children’s Club. As we had lots of children aged between 3-10 we decided to split them up into two groups. One group was from aged 3-7 and the other group was 8-10. We then had circle time, which consisted of some song singing, a prayer and a […]

Teaching the teachers

One day a week, during my stay in Gushegu, I would visit the school in a neighbouring village. In the beginning it was mostly a matter of looking round, talking with the teachers and playing a game with the children. Slowly a pattern started to develop. I started interacting with the teachers about the purpose […]

Health education in schools

SHEP (School Health Education Programmes) is part of the Ghana Health Service and deals with health education in the schools. It is important to give support to this programme, to prevent diseases and problems at school and raise awareness of the youth about health issues. In the past year we were able to make good […]

School renovation – part 2

In July 2006 three French Swiss came to experience life here. Together with them we were able to work on the primary school in Yagingu/Kpigi, just outside Gushegu, attended by more than 200 children. One of the two buildings had never been painted, so we arranged for materials and many hands made the work easy […]

Paint-job for primary school – part 1

This is old news – but gives an impression of what we’ve been doing. From 10th-27th July 2006 three French and Swiss university students came on a summer trip to experience life and work in Ghana. Part of the trip was some practical outreach, for which we decided to paint a local school building. Painting […]