Neesim pupils pass on their literacy skills to pupils from other schools!

Neesim library is proving to be incredibly popular with our own pupils after school closes.  So much so that we recently implemented a lending scheme for our upper primary and junior high classes so they can read from home, reducing pressure on the library. However, Saturday mornings are usually quiet and we always had the […]

A military academy?

We recently heard that Neesim School is spoken of as a military academy in the town where we work, because of the high standards we set for our teaching staff.  We ensure our teachers are on post and on time every day, and have lessons prepared to teach, which is sadly not the norm in […]

The gift of reading

Can you imagine attending eight years of primary school without learning to even read simple words?  Sadly, for 35% of primary school leavers in the Northern Region of Ghana this is their story.  Indeed, only 16% of pupils reach proficiency in English.  With such results, it is easy to see why education is not always […]

Looking for a teaching job?

Project Share is looking for a Ghanaian Kindergarten teacher to teach at Neesim Primary School from September 2016.  We are looking for an enthusiastic and hard-working teacher who is willing to learn new teaching methods.  Applicants must hold either a Teaching Diploma or an Early Years Diploma, be fluent in Dagbani  and be willing to […]

Call for volunteer teachers!

We are looking for a maths or primary school teacher to come and volunteer at Neesim School for 6 months to a year (or more) to help us to improve the quality of maths teaching in the school.  This would be through teaching classes alongside our local teachers, maths skills workshops for our teachers, and […]

Neesim kids love reading!

Neesim school contines to place a strong emphasis on literacy through our Dagbani reading programme, Oxford Reading Tree (graded reading scheme) classes, and the use of Neesim library. The library was very busy last quarter with an average of 25 visits per day after school hours.  One week in February even had an average of […]

Equipping Neesim teachers

At Neesim Primary School we employ high school leavers then enable them to become quality teachers through in-service training and access to distance learning courses towards a Diploma in Education.  We now have seven Primary teachers (four of whom we sponsored) plus our librarian who have completed their diploma in education through distance learning.  A […]

Our Junior High block is complete!

Our Junior High classroom block was completed in March 2016 using our 2nd and final year grant from the Marr-Munning Trust.  We now have four complete classrooms and can set up our science lab using funding we received from an anonymous Dutch donor last year.  We have classrooms ready for our JH2 and JH3 classes […]

Neesim Junior High School is in session!

In September 2015 we opened Neesim Junior High School and our first class of Primary School leavers moved on to the next stage of their education. We were delighted to begin the school year with a new classroom complete with furniture and ready to use, along with textbooks for the next three years and funds […]

Reading into the 21st century

On Saturday 31st October 2015 our e-reader programme was launched at Neesim school library. 50 e-readers are now available for all members of the local community to use in Neesim library, with priority for school pupils and teachers from all schools. The e-readers will also be used during some lessons at Neesim Primary and Junior […]