Introducing Thomas…

We would like to introduce you to our new Project Coordinator. Thomas has joined the Project Share team to oversee and develop our projects. He is full of charisma and enthusiasm for the work here. We look forward to working with him and hope that his experience in agricultural development in particular will enable us […]

Farming Fund on hold

In the past 6 years we have provided around 65 families with loans in order to increase their income. This system works quite well and has great potential. Unfortunately we realised that it costs a lot of time for it to work really well, and there is no-one on our team at the moment who […]

Financial overview

Over the Jan-Dec 2010 financial year Project Share had a total expenditure of €15,209.  57% was spent on the school, 29% on the nutrition centre, 11% on transport, and 3% on administration.  We had an income of €15,531, mainly from individual supporters and churches in Holland and the UK.  This also includes around €700 received […]

Bush fires

Every year around November/December, when the dry season starts and the harvest is in, the bush firest start. There are various reasons for these seasonal fires: it is believed to bring out nutrients that are good for the soil; certain grass types are burnt to prevent their seeds from spreading; and later in the year, […]

Moringa (2)

Every week I prune a number of our 15 moringa trees. Being a fast-growing tee (over 2 m per year) it is helpful to prune it well, but there is another reason for my weekly gardening stint. Moringa leaves contain many nutrients that many diets here lack: protein, iron, vitamin A and calcium, to name […]

Farming fund

Now that the rainy season has started again, we’ve given out farming loans to about 60 families. With this loan they stand a far better chance of getting enough income from their farms. For an average of €30 farmers (both men and women) are able to use a tractor to plough, buy seeds and fertilizer. […]

Moringa – the miracle tree

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