A new face in Neesim Nutrition Centre

In the middle of January 2021 our nutritionist who had served Project Share for almost eight years in the Neesim Nutrition Centre resigned unexpectantly, as she accepted a job at Ghana Health Service. We are thankful for her faithful service and wish her all the best for her future. Thankfully, we found a new nutritionist […]

Reopening of full Neesim School after a long Covid-19 break!

The whole of Neesim School finally opened again on the 15thJanuary 2021 after a break of 10 months due to the coronavirus Pandemic. A great deal of cleaning had to be done and measures put in place to fulfil the covid-19 protocol, before we could reopen the school. In the rural areas in Ghana home-schooling […]

Reaching out to the community

After some planning we started an outreach program in one particular village where we regularly have clients in the nutrition centre. We were delighted to start with a community survey to give us an overview of the current situation, in order to know what we need to emphasise on and to be able to measure […]

Reopening School after Covid-19 Break

During the second term of this academic year on the 16th March 2020, Neesim School sadly had to close, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The government has given permission to reopen junior high 3 by the end of June 2020 in order to get prepared for their exams. Neesim School follows strictly the safety protocols […]

Mumuni`s way to more breastmilk

Mumuni came to the centre slightly malnourished when he was three months old. His mother thought this was due to her not having enough breastmilk. They bought milk formula to feed Mumuni to supplement breastfeeding him. His mother still had problems feeding him, so she took him to the hospital where she was advised to […]

Project Share in a Mood of Celebration!

In February Project Share celebrated its 10th anniversary. All the various stakeholders honoured Project Share in participating in the celebration. Speeches were held, cultural dance took place and refreshments were enjoyed. Achievements From opening in September 2009 till the end of 2019, there were 792 admissions in Neesim Nutrition Centre which makes an average of […]