The Journey of Salomon to a new life

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Salomon, aged two years and two months was admitted to Neesim Nutrition Centre due to oedema (swelling of the body due to lack of protein) and body wasting. He was spotted in the community by one of our caretakers, who advised the parents to bring Salomon to the centre. Once Salomon arrived at the centre, he was put on a special milk diet in order to stabilize his condition and get rid of the oedema. He was very eager to drink milk although at times he was crying for solid food. (Children presenting with oedema can only be changed to solid food when the oedema has resolved completely.) Upon arrival Solomon weighed 7.7 kg and had a mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) of 10.9 cm. He first had to lose weight in order to get rid of the oedema. Once the oedema resolved completely he weighed 6.9 kg and his MUAC was 10.3 cm. We then changed Salomon`s diet to solid food prepared with locally available food stuffs. Solomon`s recovery was uncomplicated. After 10 weeks of rehabilitation, we discharged him weighing 8.8 kg, (weight gain of 1.9 kg) and a MUAC of 12.8 cm. (According to WHO guidelines a child between 6 months and 5 years with a MUAC below 11.5 is considered as severely malnourished; 11.5 – 12.5 cm moderate malnourished and above 12.5 healthy.)It was a joy to see Salomon`s progress, as he got more and more happy, active and playful.

On admission with oedema on legs and arms
During milk diet. Oedema almost resolved
Getting to the end of rehabilitation. Playful and active!