Reopening of full Neesim School after a long Covid-19 break!


The whole of Neesim School finally opened again on the 15thJanuary 2021 after a break of 10 months due to the coronavirus Pandemic. A great deal of cleaning had to be done and measures put in place to fulfil the covid-19 protocol, before we could reopen the school.

In the rural areas in Ghana home-schooling was a challenge during the covid-19 pandemic, as many parents do not have internet access, and some have insufficient to enable the children to study at home. This means that most of the children did not have school lesson for 10 months. Both the children and their teachers had to get used to being back to full-time education again. Many children had forgotten much of what they had previously learnt before the long break, so the teachers had to teach that part of the curriculum again which was very time consuming. However the pupil as also the teachers did a great job, settled back well to the regular school modus and have catched up.