Mumuni`s way to more breastmilk

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Mumuni came to the centre slightly malnourished when he was three months old. His mother thought this was due to her not having enough breastmilk. They bought milk formula to feed Mumuni to supplement breastfeeding him. His mother still had problems feeding him, so she took him to the hospital where she was advised to get help from Neesim Nutrition Centre. When we admitted Mumuni, it became clear that his mother lacked some knowledge about breastfeeding as he had difficulty connecting with her breasts. We were able to educate and support her and supplement breastfeeding with formula until she learnt to successfully breastfed Mumuni. We also gave the mother Prekese, this is a powder from the fruit of a local tree that is rich in vitamins and enables breastfeeding mothers to produce more milk. After three weeks a first attempt was made to wean Mumuni from the milk formula without success. We carried on supplementing breast feeding with formula for an additional two weeks and made a second attempt. We were all very happy to see that Mumuni was now satisfied by exclusive breastfeeding and was able to gain weight without milk formula. We discharged him after 6 weeks in the centre with a weight gain of 1.5kg. He recently came for follow up as a healthy strong boy.