It’s exam time!

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This week our first Junior High 3 class are writing their Basic Education Certificate exams.  These are the first national exams our pupils have taken and their results will determine whether or not they can go on to Senior High school. 

After months of hard work by our dedicated teachers and determined pupils our mock exam results are good and we are aiming for a 100% pass rate.  We hope that all our pupils will go on to Senior High School which is now fee-free (though parents still have to pay for uniforms, stationary, textbooks and boarding costs if necessary).

A few months ago we spoke to one of our high-achieving JH3 pupils, who told us about his rigorous study regime and what Neesim School has meant to him:

“My name is Ziblim and I am in Junior High 3 at Neesim School.  In June I will take my exams towards my Basic Education Certificate.  I study every night until 11pm then around 4am I wake up and study again before daybreak. 

Neesim School is helping me through providing essential learning materials and organising extra classes.  The teachers are doing their best because of their positive work ethic and they also encourage us to study hard.  I want to go on to Senior High School and then I dream of becoming a doctor.  However, I face financial constraints which makes me think sometimes of how to achieve success at school.

Neesim Junior High School is so special because they provide us with learning materials like the ICT and science labs for practicals and also make sure that rules and regulations are followed.  After I leave I will miss the effective learning and the moral talks the teachers give from the Bible.

I would like to say thank you to all the donors and God should bless them all to support the school more.”

We wish all our pupils the best of luck in their exams.  We know you will make us proud!

Our JH3 class on their last day at Neesim School.
Celebrating with their teachers.