A second chance for Fatima

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In 2017, 58 children out of the 67 new admissions were successfully rehabilitated at Neesim Nutrition Centre. Another 58 children got a second chance and hope for a better future. At the same time, the mothers of these children have learned a lot, and they can share their knowledge about healthy local food at home. A good example of this is Fatima *

Fatima’s mother was referred to Neesim Nutrition Centre from the district hospital. She did not know what was wrong with her daughter. At 2 years old Fatima was suffering from oedema (swelling due to a lack of protein in particular) and this had led to severe skin peeling. She weighed just 8.4kg, was very weak and unable to stand. Fatima was put on a special milk diet to reduce the oedema and was then left weighing just 7.1kg

After that she was put on a balanced diet of locally available foodstuffs. There were some complications with her recovery but over time she gained strength and learned to stand and walk. She became lively and loved playing with the other children at the centre.

Fatima’s mother turned out to be quite a challenge, but over time, the more advice and help she received, the better she could deal with the other women in the centre.

14 weeks later Fatima was ready to be discharged weighing a healthy 10.6kg. Her mother said “I have learnt that meat, eggs, fish and beans give blood. Maize, yam, cassava and millet give energy. And oranges, bananas, onions and tomatoes protect us from falling sick. About hygiene I have learnt that I should wash my hands after visiting the toilet, wash my bowls before cooking and also clean my compound to keep it neat.” *Assumed name