Rashid’s road to recovery

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From January to March 2017, 39 children were rehabilitated at Neesim Nutrition Centre.  The youngest child was just one month old, and the oldest was Rashid* at four years.

Rashif with oedemaRashid came to us at 4 years old, weighing 14.1kg with severe oedema (body swelling due to a lack of protein in particular).  Rashid had been treated at another health centre in the past, but unfortunately his condition had returned.  His mother heard about the centre through another mother whose child had previously been rehabilitated, so she decided to bring Rashid to us. 

Rashid was first put on a special milk diet to reduce the oedema. After the swelling was gone he was left weighing just 12.6kg.  He then moved on to a healthy diet of local food, supplemented with plumpy nut.  He became a lively child, and enjoyed playing with the other children at Rashid at dischargethe centre.  Meanwhile, his mother learnt about healthy nutrition and hygiene to prevent Rashid getting malnourished again once they returned home.   She said “I have learnt about energy giving foods and also to give my child fruits.  I have also learnt not to leave bowls unwashed as the flies can cause cholera.”  Rashid was discharged after 6 weeks weighing 15.5kg.  His mother was delighted to be able to go home.

Of those rehabilitated over this quarter, 19 were still in rehab at the end of the quarter, two were referred to other health facilities, one sadly was discharged without recovery due to a complicating chronic illness, and 17 children including Rashid were discharged healthy and eating well.

In addition, thanks to regular monthly donations from some generous individuals we have been able to do some much-needed maintenance work and improvements to the facilities at the centre over the last few months, making it a better place for Rashid and his playmates.

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*Assumed name