Neesim pupils pass on their literacy skills to pupils from other schools!

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Neesim library is proving to be incredibly popular with our own pupils after school closes.  So much so that we recently implemented a lending scheme for our upper primary and junior high classes so they can read from home, reducing pressure on the library.

However, Saturday mornings are usually quiet and we always had the dream that the library would be used by the wider community.

So in January 2017 we undertook a publicity campaign in other local schools to encourage their pupils to attend the library on Saturday mornings.  This has had great results, with attendance from pupils from other primary and junior high schools shooting up from 0.4% last quarter to 19.3% of our 2239 visits this quarter!

Our librarian was initially shocked at the poor reading skills of many of the children compared to our own pupils, but as the following example shows, our pupils are passing on their literacy skills to those from other schools!

“My name is Nafisah*.  I am a 13 year old girl in primary 6 and I attend [another] primary school. I was very happy to first use the Neesim library seeing the books and the wonderful documentaries that they have. I enjoy using the library because of the time the librarian has to explain things that I don’t understand and the materials they have which I think will help me to solve my problem of not being able to read very well.  I can say that for the past three months I am making more progress in class than before.  I can now read because I am in groups reading with the Neesim children.  Some of the Neesim students pronounce words that I find very difficult and through that I am improving gradually.  I am very happy to use this library because the librarian keeps on telling us that we can make it.   I promise to become a nurse in future and for that matter I will always make good use of my Saturdays in the library.” 

IMG-20170416-WA0006Pupils queue to enter the library on a Saturday morning.

*Assumed identity