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We recently heard that Neesim School is spoken of as a military academy in the town where we work, because of the high standards we set for our teaching staff.  We ensure our teachers are on post and on time every day, and have lessons prepared to teach, which is sadly not the norm in other local schools.  These simple things alone have a huge impact on the education our pupils receive and we are proud to be known as a school where this is taken seriously.

Over the last term we averaged 98.8% of lesson notes prepared, with 96.3% attendance (of which only 0.2% was unauthorised) and 96.7% punctuality.  Furthermore, over the past few years the attitudes of many of our teachers have changed and many of them are proud of the standards at our school.  Teacher Latif explains:

“I wasn’t expecting teaching to be this way.  First I was thinking that a teacher can just go to class without lesson notes.  But when we were taught how to prepare lessons I began to see some differences in when you prepare lessons and when you did not have a lesson prepared to teach.  I like the way management also monitors our work as teachers.  It prevents laziness and absenteeism among teachers.  Neesim School builds good morals amongst the teachers and pupils.” 

Since we expect a lot from our eighteen teachers, we also strive to pay them a fair salary which allows them to care for their families well.  We have already secured 90% of the funding for our teacher’s salaries over 2017.  Could you help towards the final 10%?  We currently have a shortfall of £3850/EUR4500 and any donation you could make towards this would be greatly appreciated.  Click here to find out how to give.  Thank you!

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