Our Junior High block is complete!

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Our Junior High classroom block was completed in March 2016 using our 2nd and final year grant from the Marr-Munning Trust.  We now have four complete classrooms and can set up our science lab using funding we received from an anonymous Dutch donor last year.  We have classrooms ready for our JH2 and JH3 classes to start in September 2016 and September 2017 respectively.  Until then these classes can be used for group work.  It is quite a luxury for us to have classrooms completed so far ahead of time!

One of our Junior High 1 students told us the difference Neesim School is making in his life:

“My name is Musah*, I am 15 years old and I live in a village close by DSC_0920Neesim School.  I am in Junior High 1.   When I first started school it was not easy.  But now it is lovely and easy because I can now read and solve mathematics questions.  I find [the arts subjects] easy, but mathematics and BDT (Basic Design and Technology) are difficult for me.

Social studies is my favourite subject because is teaches us to relate well with each other, the history of some important people, and the political life of the countries. 

I go to Neesim Library three times a week.  I like the library because there are lots of books to read, and books that teach us about how we can live in the future.  I like to read history books.  My favourite book explains the history of Ghana and how Ghana was rules by colonists and how Ghana fought for independence.

The school helps me to work towards my future and shows me how to confront challenges.  When I grow up I want to be a bank manager.”

*Assumed name