Neesim kids love reading!

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Neesim school contines to place a strong emphasis on literacy through our Dagbani reading programme, Oxford Reading Tree (graded reading scheme) classes, and the use of Neesim library.

The library was very busy last quarter with an average of 25 visits per day after school hours.  One week in February even had an average of 50 users per day!  Both the e-readers and paper books are proving to be popular, with about a quarter of library users choosing to use the e-readers (which are only available to Primary 4 upwards).

We asked one pupil to tell us his story:

“My name is Rahim*.  I live in a village close by the school.  My father sells goats on the market and my mother looks after me in the home.  I don’t have any brothers or sisters.

I like going to Neesim Primary school.  In the beginning, I struggled with reading a lot and I was part of a remedial reading group.  Now I can read a lot better.  English is my favourite subject now.  I come to the library most days.  I even got an award this term for the pupil who visited the library most!  It has really helped my reading.  Now I am part of the advanced readers group in my class.

When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor.”                                                                   Library award

*Assumed name