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Neesim Nutrition Centre continues to provide vital rehabilitation to malnourished children alongside education for their mothers on healthy nutrition and hygienic living.

From January to March 2016, 22 children were treated at the centre.  8 went home healthy with mothers equipped to care for them, and 14 were still in the process of rehabilitation at the end of the quarter.  Of the 15 new admissions, 2 children were suffering from oedema (body swelling due to a lack of protein in particular), 12 children were suffering from body wasting and one child was admitted due to breastfeeding problems.

Here is just one example of how the centre has impacted children’s lives:

Mohammed beforeMohammed* weighed just 7.6kg at 2 years old and was suffering from body wasting when he arrived at Neesim Nutrition Centre.   His mother had tried traditional treatment and bought medicines for him before a friend recommended they come to Neesim Nutrition Centre.  The friend had stayed at the centre before and recognised that Mohammed was malnourished. 

Whilst at the centre, Mohammed had some problems with anaemia, but he soon began to gain weight and became more lively and playful.  Meanwhile his mother learnt about healthy eating and hygiene.  She said “I learnt that it is good to eat fresh vegetables and about foods that give blood such as beans, soya beans etc.  I have learnt how to prepare Mohammed afterdifferent kinds of foods.  I also learnt to wash my hands with soap and water after visiting the toilet and after cleaning my child.”  

Nine weeks later Mohammed was discharged weighing 9.1kg.  His mother was very happy and said “Yisa tibi m bia” (Jesus healed my child). 

* Assumed name.

 Photos: Mohammed upon intake (above) and discharge (below).