Equipping Neesim teachers

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At Neesim Primary School we employ high school leavers then enable them to become quality teachers through in-service training and access to distance learning courses towards a Diploma in Education.  We now have seven Primary teachers (four of whom we sponsored) plus our librarian who have completed their diploma in education through distance learning.  A further six teachers continue to go for training at weekends.

We asked Teacher Fatawu to tell us his story:

 IMG_3772“I had a teaching assignment for my national service placement and after that I decided I wanted to be a teacher.   When I first got the job at Neesim Primary School teaching was difficult for me, but I became a good teacher.  I now enjoy teaching and it is a noble job for me. 

My teaching improved due to the in-service training, the teaching and learning materials, and the knowledge acquired from my teacher training course.

I completed the on-campus part of my teaching diploma course in August 2015, and recently passed my off-campus teaching practice.  The course was very helpful.  I learnt how to handle different kinds of pupils in a class, how to encourage and motivate children to learn, and how to handle children with learning disabilities. 

Through the in-service training I have learnt how to teach children and how to correct them when they do wrong.”