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Over the last few months we have been developing the library at Neesim Primary School thanks to a generous grant from Rope, a charity in the UK. We have been able to buy more books and educational DVDs which teach about the wider world, and to equip the library with new furniture and a large TV. We are also in the process of acquiring 50 E-readers from Worldreader.

Since May 2015 our new librarian, Moses, has been opening the library in the afternoons and on Saturdays, and it is proving popular with our school pupils. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Hamdatu Braimah,CIMG3863 15 years, P6

The Children’s Encyclopedia is my favourite book because it teaches me more about science, different religions and also about all kinds of animals in the world.

The library helps me a lot to improve my reading and through the books we have I got to know that the culture in every country is different. For instance before I started reading in the library I always thought that there is only Islam, Christianity and Traditional Beliefs in the world. Now I realised that there are so many more religions for example Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism.

I want to become a medical doctor in future and the library offers me interesting books about human science so the library will help me to achieve this dream.

Steven Ayijam, 14 years, P5CIMG3871

I like the book called Town Mouse and Country Mouse because it shows me what it means to be a good friend for someone.

I always had difficulties to pronounce the English words but now I can just come to the library, start reading and if I don’t know something I only have to ask Mr. Moses and he tells me how to pronounce it.

Through visiting the library my English speaking got better and now I am more confident in reading and speaking in front of people.

Ganiu Yamusah, 10 years, P4

Down with Fever is my favourite book because I like the story and it also teaches me how to avoid becoming sick.

I really like it to read and now I have the opportunity to learn more about many different topics which I have never heard something about before. I also want to become a teacher one day and then I will know a lot of books which I can read with my class.

Rebecca Mochacho, 9 years, P3

I like story of the Three Little Pigs because I can learn a lot froCIMG3889m the smallest pig. I don’t want to be like the two olderpigs. I want to be like the smallest pig because it is very intelligent.

I visit the library because there I can learn more which helps me to get very good marks in my exams. When I am successful in the school then I can go later to university and then probably I also want to become a librarian or a doctor.

CIMG3883Khadija Abdulai, 8 years, P2

I like The Magic Porridge Pot because of the pictures and it is good for me to read.

The library helps me to learn more words because next year I want to be the best reader in P3.

The library will also open to the wider public from September 2015, with a focus on school pupils and teachers.