Transforming lives one child at a time

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In the first 6 months of 2015, 21 malnourished children were successfully rehabilitated at Neesim Nutrition centre and given a second chance at life. Children like Ruhaina…

When Ruhaina* came to the centre she was very weak. She had not been feeding well for 3 months and her mother was now producing little breastmilk. Ruhaina was suffering from body wasting and at 5 months old she weighed just 3.4kg. We initially put Ruhaina on milk formula, and once she regained her strength she was able to suck again, stimulating her mother’s breastmilk. We gave the mother moringa and Nazihaprekese which also helped to increase her milk supply. Ruhaina is now breastfeeding successfully, and has no need for milk formula again. She was also introduced to complementary feeding before she was discharged six weeks later weighing 6kg (see photo). Whilst at the centre Ruhaina’s mother also learnt about healthy nutrition and how to prevent Ruhaina from getting malnourished again.

* Assumed name.