Building update

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At the start of the school year we were one classroom short and were forced to create a temporary divide so that our Primary 4 and Primary 5 classes could both be taught in one classroom.  This was far from ideal as the children were cramped and the barrier did not keep out much of the noise.

We therefore made it a priority to build another classroom of our new school block.  Just recently the second classroom was completed to a usable level, so we now have two usable classrooms in the new block.  We are currently working to get electricity connected so that the children have fans during this hot season.

We still need funds to enable us to build the next two classrooms and plaster and paint all the rooms.  In September we will have a Primary 6 class in need of a classroom and we would also like to set up a computer lab so that the children can use our computers more regularly.

Could you help?  Any donation, no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.