New academic year

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We’re well into another academic year at Neesim Primary School.  With three new additions to our teaching team and two new classes the school is growing.  We now have 220 pupils!

We have been joined by two German teachers who are working alongside our local teachers for six months to help them to improve the quality of education they provide.

Thank you to everyone who has donated funds towards our second new school block.  We were delighted to be able to complete the foundations and get the first classroom to a useable level by September.


However, due to the creation of a P2B class (a legacy of our reading intervention programme from last year) we are still one classroom short.  We have had to create a barrier to separate one classroom into two.  This is not ideal, as the children are cramped and the noise is a distraction.  We hope to get the new block finished as soon as possible.  Could you help?  All donations, however large or small,  are appreciated and will make a difference in the education of the pupils at Neesim Primary School.