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For a while now we have been telling you of our plans to employ a professional nutritionist or nurse to work at Neesim Nutrition Centre. After searching far and wide we are delighted to announce that from April 2013 we will be employing a lovely nutritionist called Gladys…

Tell us a bit about yourself Gladys.

My name is Gladys and I am 24 years. I am from Tamale and I am a Dagomba. I am also a Christian.

Why did you become a nutritionist?

As someone who was brought up in the village, I realised that there were so many cases of malnutrition. And so I realised there was a need for mothers to be aware of the dangers involved when a child is malnourished in order for them to prevent it.

How do you like Gushegu?

It is smaller than I am used to but it is a nice place. I heard that there is meat here so I think I will like this place!

What do you like about Neesim Nutrition Centre?

What I like about them is they educate the mothers on issues of nutrition. So it helps them to prevent malnutrition in children who are yet to be born and it helps them to educate other mothers on the importance of nutrition. I also like the Christian ethos of the centre.

What are your hopes for the children of Gushegu district?

I hope that they will all be well, strong and healthy. I hope that they will be the future leaders.

Is there anything you would like to say to the supporters of Neesim Nutrition Centre?

I just want to tell them to keep on with the good work. People do appreciate it and I appreciate it. Helping us enables us to help others. I pray that God will bless them in everything they do.