Jacob’s journey back to health


Neesim Nutrition Centre continues to give children a second chance at life in Gushegu district.  Recently a child called Jacob came to us from a Konkomba village.  He was almost three years old and had been severely swollen with oedema for 5 months after suffering from a boil.  His mother had not started complimentary feeding until Jacob was 8 months old and she did not know about how to provide a balanced diet.  Oedema is a result of a lack of protein.

When Jacob came to us he had severe skin peeling on his legs and was in a lot of pain.  We referred him to hospital and he returned a week later to continue his rehabilitation.  We put him on a special milk diet to stabilise his metabolism and take away the oedema.  The swelling disappeared leaving Jacob weighing a mere 9kg, and we then began feeding him a balanced diet of local food to help him to gain weight.

Eight weeks later Jacob was unrecognisable.  He was plump and healthy, and had begun to play and have tantrums like normal toddlers do.  Just as importantly, his mother learnt how to provide Jacob with a balanced diet through our education sessions, alongside other important topics such as hygiene and common sicknesses.  She took Jacob home equipped to care for him and the rest of her family, and encouraged to pass on what she has learnt to others in her local community.

Jacob before
Healthy and ready to go home