Fun, games and chasing goats!

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The new school term began at the start of September and once again we had a high demand for places in our new KG1 class.  In Ghana it takes a while for school to get going, and for all the children to return and pay their school fees.  So we decided to have a fun week of crafts and games based around the creation story, culminating with a sports day on the Friday.

After hearing about how God created all the plants and animals we split into groups and went on a nature walk to see what we could find.  Each group took along a box to bring some exciting things back to show their friends.  The children (and teachers!) loved this and caught lots of grasshoppers, butterflies and other insects.  One group caught a frog and another managed to trap a lizard.  We all came back together and the children were struggling to contain their excitement and quieten down.  They had almost settled down when one of the children spotted a baby goat.  Of course, a goat would be the ultimate trophy of a nature walk so around thirty children sprinted off to chase the poor thing.  They managed to catch it and carried it triumphantly back to the group.  Thankfully the little goat didn’t seem too traumatised by the whole experience, though I doubt it will stray too near the school again!

During the week we made a huge collage of creation, adding things each day as we heard what God had created.  It seems that not everyone was listening though as we ended up with a blackboard in the sea and a pair of scissors floating in the sky!

The sports day was a huge success.  The children were split into five colour teams of different ages and there was plenty of healthy competition.  We did lots of different races and events, including the long jump into a pit of rice chaff.

The 3 proud winners of our long distance race – to the borehole and back!