Another life saved by Neesim Nutrition Centre


Baby Latif’s family live in a village close to our new Nutrition Centre building.  They heard about us through the official opening and visited the next day.  Latif’s mother had a severe breast infection and was unable to feed him properly.   He looked like skin and bones and weighed just 2.3kg at 3 months’ age. They had come just in time.

Latif’s family were unwilling to take his mother to the hospital as they had consulted a soothsayer who said that if they did so the doctor would cut her breasts off.  They were also traditional healers, though the herbs and other things they used to heal mother and child had no effect.

Eventually we persuaded them to allow Latif’s mother to go to the hospital.  She was very fearful and it was a battle to keep her there.  But when the family saw the benefit the hospital treatment was having they forced her to stay.

Meanwhile, we taught the family to bottle feed Latif and he began to gain weight.  Just three weeks later Latif was unrecognisable, weighing 4.1kg, and the mother was able to breast feed again. This is just one story of the many lives transformed by Neesim Nutrition Centre.