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With our P1 class in a grass hut and our P2 and P3 classes squashed in rooms meant for teacher’s accommodation we are in real need of a new school block at Neesim Primary School. We have been hoping and praying that the District Assembly (local council) would be able to build one for us, however their funding has still not materialised so it’s time to take matters in to our own hands…

We plan to build a new classroom block in three stages.

Stage 1 will be to erect pillars and a roof, with a low surrounding wall. This will cost €5000. Once this is complete we will be able to use the classrooms until funds are available for stages 2 and 3.

Stage 2 will consist of building and plastering the walls and floors (€10,000). Then Stage 3 will involve putting in the doors, windows and electricals, and painting (€10,000).

We are delighted that thanks to some generous supporters we now have most of what is needed for stage 1 so work can begin soon.

Could you help us with stage 2?

If you would like to make a donation from the UK you can send a gift through Partner Aid who will channel the funds to us. Check out for information on how to give. Please remember to drop them an email or post a note stating that your gift is for ‘Project Share – Neesim Primary School building’. Thank you!

If you would like to make a donation from the Netherlands gifts can be transferred to Stichting Project Share Nederland in Leiden, Rabobank Please mark your gift with the intended purpose (e.g. new school block). If you pay taxes in the Netherlands, your gift is then tax deductable. Thank you!