Neesim Primary School one of the best in the district!

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During the third term of the 2010-11 school year, we appointed a supervisor from the Ghana Education Service to supervise our teachers, and to provide training and advice. Not only did our teachers benefit greatly from the supervisor’s expertise, but the supervisor and his colleagues at the GES office were greatly impressed by our school, declaring it one of the best in the entire district!

This was a great encouragement to us and our teaching staff as we continue to provide the best education we can to our pupils. But it is also a reminder of the poor standard of education in the district, as we know there is still room for improvement in our school. We continue to work closely with GES to provide in-house training for our teachers. Five of our seven teachers are now undertaking distance learning to become trained teachers and we look forward to the benefits this will bring.

Once again we had a large number of parents interested in enrolling their children for the new KG1 class in September, and were forced to turn some away. With five classes, we are now desperately in need of a new school block. Our P2 and P3 classes are both using small rooms in the teacher’s quarters, and P1 is still in a temporary grass structure which won’t survive the rainy season later this year. We are hoping the District Assembly will provide a classroom block for us in the next few months.

One of the recent highlights at the school was the Christmas play. All 150 children took part in singing and acting out the Christmas story and lots of parents came to watch. The kids all did a great job and we were very proud of them.