Neesim Nutrition Centre gets a new home

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Thank you to everyone who generously contributed to our recent appeals for the nutrition centre. We now have enough money to keep the centre running for several months, plus all the funding has come in for the new building and it is well on its way

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to completion. The nutrition centre continues to be well-attended, highlighting the real need for the rehabilitation of malnourished children in the district, and we are looking forward to moving into the new building within the next month.

The centre was previously housed in a rented building. However, this building was in desperate need of renovation and the landlord wanted to increase the rent and was asking for 2 years payment in advance. We asked for a few months extension of our contract whilst we could look for funds to put up our own purpose built centre, but the landlord found someone else to rent the building and in November 2011 we were forced to move into a temporary building which is not suitable for our needs. We began building with the funds we had, sent out an appeal and prayed. Then on Christmas Eve we were delighted to find out that we had enough money to complete.

The building is in the local style of a compound house (with the rooms around the edge) so that it can be a home away from home for the mothers and children. We want the mothers to feel comfortable there, and we also believe that they are more likely to put what they have learned into practice when they return home if they have seen the principles we teach lived out in a familiar setting.