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Project Share runs on gifts and donations from generous individuals, churches and charitable trusts in the UK, US, Germany and Holland.

Could you help us to continue our work, providing hope and a future to children at Neesim Primary School?

It costs £15 to fund a child’s education for one term at Neesim Primary School.

We especially value regular monthly donations which help us to plan ahead. Any amount, no matter how small, can make a real difference.

From the UK…please send your gift to PartnerAid UK who will channel the money to us. You can now donate online at www.partneraid.org.uk/donate Alternatively, standing order forms are available from Partner Aid UK, 21 Walnut Way, HP6 5SB or by emailing Project Share. Please remember to email or include a note saying that your gift is intended for Project Share, plus the project your donation is for (e.g. Neesim Primary School). And don’t forget to fill out a gift aid declaration if you are a UK taxpayer. Thank you!

From the Netherlands…please transfer your gift to Stichting Project Share Nederland in Leiden, account number NL83RABO Please label your gift according to the project of your choice (e.g. nutrition centre). Please also drop us an email on info@projectshareghana.org so that we can thank you and let you know how your gift is used.