Twins are doing well

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When twins are born, one is usually a little smaller than the other. This is a natural phenomenon and usually it’s nothing worrying. But if the twins are born too small already, then the smaller of the two is much more likely to get malnourished. We’ve seen this in the nutrition centre a number of times. A recent example is Muzamilu and his healthy brother Mudasir. When they came, Muzamilu weighed 4.9 kg, while his brother weighed 6.8. They were 2 years and three months old and should have weighed at least 10 kg. Muzamilu was incredibly skinny, particularly his arms and legs. The fact that his legs were so tiny, showed that he had been below weight for a very long time and his leg muscles had not had the chance to develop.

Now, after 5 weeks in our nutrition centre, Muzamilu weighs 7.0 kg, and though his legs still look thin compared to a healthy child, they are far better than when he came to us. We expect that with another week or two he should be able to go home again.