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Thank you to the many people who have contributed money, either as a one-off gift, or as a monthly contribution, to sponsor some of our school children. We have been able to employ seven teachers, two each for KG1 and KG2 and one each for P1, P2a and P2b. All of these are untrained teachers, because there is such a shortage of qualified teachers in Ghana, and in Gushegu specifically. But they are capable people and we are supporting them as much as possible to do a good job. 3 of them are doing a distance teacher training course, so in 3 or 4 years time they will be fully qualified. If we can find the funds, we hope to sponsor the other 4 to start this course next year.

What does the sponsor money go to? The money mostly enables the school to run. 82.2% goes to pay the teachers’ salaries, 3% to teaching materials, 8.6% to educating the teachers and 6.3% to other things (administration etc).

Thank you, sponsors! (Would you also like to sponsor the school? Click here to find out more.)