Educating mothers

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Lack of knowledge is the main cause of malnutrition in the Gushegu district. Most mothers simply don’t know that a child of 6 months old needs more than breast milk alone. Usually women breastfeed exclusively for about a year or even more. In this way, a child slowly starves, entering the vicious cycle of malnutrition. (scan ‘where there is no doctor’ picture)

If knowledge is key, then education provides the solution. Napari and Puumaaya have developed a simple way of involving illiterate women in the battle against malnutrition. In 10 simple pictures a women can tell about healthy, balanced nutrition, the importance of supplementary feeding from 6 months on, basic hygiene and some easy ways to supplement the local diet (see moringa). The first woman has been successfully trained and is already making an impact in Gushegu. We are hoping to train 20 more women in the coming months, so that we can see a wave of awareness spreading throughout the district. We believe that malnutrition can be eradicated here!