Financial overview

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Over the Jan-Dec 2010 financial year Project Share had a total expenditure of €15,209.  57% was spent on the school, 29% on the nutrition centre, 11% on transport, and 3% on administration.  We had an income of €15,531, mainly from individual supporters and churches in Holland and the UK.  This also includes around €700 received from World Vision towards the running costs of the nutrition centre, and a small amount of income from school fees.  Furthermore, we received various gifts in kind such as food for the nutrition centre and materials for the school.  We ended the financial year with a small surplus.

We have a budget of €63,767 for the 2011 financial year.  This includes the running costs of the school, nutrition centre, agricultural fund, health education, transport, and Project share office.  It also includes €24,000 for a new school block of three classrooms, and €10,000 for a purpose-built building for the nutrition centre.  We have already raised/identified 20% of the income required, but we are still in need of the remaining 80%

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