Pagikpema and Lasidu

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Pagikpema is 7 years old and comes from the little village of Yishelanyili just outside of Gushegu. She is one the oldest children in her class, KG2. Until Neesim Primary School opened last year she did not have the chance to attend school. The school charges only a minimal amount for school fees to ensure that education is accessible to all. Pagikpema is now doing well and is one of the first to arrive each morning in her smart green and yellow uniform.

Lasidu is also 7 and comes from Bandaya. He used to attend school elsewhere but he was struggling so his parents transferred him to Neesim Primary. Lasidu should have been in P2 but had not picked up the foundations he needed in his previous school. He was sad to be moved back two years and placed in KG2, but now he is flourishing. In just a few weeks he has mastered many of the concepts he was previously struggling with. He is not afraid to ask for help here, as the teacher’s don’t beat the children, and he enjoys learning through play.

We are currently in the process of registering with the Ghana Education Service (GES) as a mission school. This will take several years, but once we are registered the GES will be able to pay most of the running costs currently covered by Project Share through class sponsors.