Ibrahim gets a second chance

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Ibrahim’s mother Azaratu was worried about her sick four year old, Ibrahim.  She didn’t know why he was sick, but she had already lost five children, two directly from the disease which was now taking Ibrahim.  She didn’t know what to do.  One day a kind lady stopped her in the market and told her to go to Neesim Nutrition Centre.  She said that we could help her. 

So Ibrahim and his younger brother Fusheni became some of our newest arrivals.  Both were suffering from severe malnutrition causing oedema (swelling of the body).  Ibrahim weighed 11.6kg, 1.4kg below the acceptable weight for his age, and part of that was from the swelling.  Now after just three weeks at the centre the swelling has gone down, he weighs 12.4kg and is doing well.  Ibrahim’s mother, Azaratu, now understands that Ibrahim’s sickness was caused by feeding the wrong balance of food, and is learning all about the different food groups.  She will leave the centre equipped to care for her family and able to tell others in the community what she has learnt.