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‘Neesim’ Primary School is not a government run school, though we do use the Ghana Education Service materials. Being a private school then means that it needs to cover its own costs.

One of the objectives of the school is to provide affordable quality education. If the costs of running the school were covered by school fees alone, it would cost each parent € 10 per month per child. This is more than most parents can afford, so we’ve decided to look for sponsors.

Rather than sponsoring individual children, we’ve decided to group sponsors together to cover the cost of one class. This includes teachers’ salaries, teaching materials, educating the teachers and administrative costs. Sponsoring one class costs € 200 (£ 175) per month. You decide how much you contribute towards this. So for instance a group of 20 people donating € 10 each would be grouped together and linked to a particular class.

This sponsor plan is not a never-ending thing. We have applied to be absorped into the Ghana Education Service, which would eventually mean that though we manage the school, they pay the teachers (if they are trained) and provide materials. In this way, the school should be able to run independently. It will take a few years to become fully absorbed and so it is to bridge these few years that we still need sponsors.

We have a number of sponsors already, but we are still looking for more sponsors to run the four classes we now have. Would you consider helping us with this? If so, please transfer your monthly amount, marked as ‘school sponsorship’ (click here for bank details). Please also send us an email, so that we can keep you updated.