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There are so many stories we could tell of children who have already passed through Neesim Nutrition Centre, it’s hard to know where to start.

For instance, the story of Sana. When she came to us, she could hardly open her eyes because her whole face was swollen as a result of the severe malnutrition. She’s 4 years old, and one of twins. From birth, she had always been the bigger of the two, but now her sister Sheena had caught up with her. After the first week, the swelling had gone down, but then she got an infection and refused to eat. We referred her to the hospital and a few days later she came back healthy enough to continue her rehabilitation. 4 weeks later, we were able to discharge her, because she was up to weight and lively again.

Ther other day, we saw a little girl running happily towards the nutrition centre – it was Sana, coming for a check-up. She had gained more weight still and we could happily tell her she wouldn’t need to come for check-ups any more.

And then there’s Bashiru … maybe another time!