Moringa – the miracle tree

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One of the things that definitely helps to combat malnutrition and promote good health is the use of the Moringa.

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This amazing tree is a source of vitamines and proteins beyond what you would normally find in any plant. The tree does extremely well in (semi-) dry climates andt its products certainly suit the local food pattern. The leaves in particular are very nutritious and they can be dried and pounded into powder. Both the powder or dried leaves can easily be added to all sorts of dishes, offering a great supplement to Dagomba diet, which is too often devoid of vitamines and protein. There is often not enough money for a lot of meat or fish, and vegetables are not always used in the right quantities. Moringa can very well fil the void.Moringa seedlingIn 2008 Project Share distributed well over 500 seedlings, supported by workshops to promote the use of Moringa. On a national level this tree is also becoming increasingly popular. All in all, we hope Dagombas here in Gushegu will start to reap the benefits of this ‘miracle tree’. [Suglo]