Kpatinga witch camp

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A little outside Kpatinga live about 40 elderly ladies. They have been banished from their own village, because they are believed to be witches or possess harmful magical powers. Through this rejection, the women are left to find their own source of income. Often they are too old to do any physical labour and so their options are slim. Fortunately, World Vision has helped this women greatly by building them some proper huts. Project Share has on a number of occasions helped out the women with maize, when the food had completely finished. It is heartrending to see their living conditions.

We were very touched, though, that quite a number of them have decided to become Christians and were baptised in June ’08. The Church offers them a warm welcome and they are veyr happy with theĀ  loving care that Project Share is able to offer them. Much more needs to be done to help these women in a structural way, but it is wonderful to see how touched they are by what we’ve been able to do in a small way for them so far! [Suglo]