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In Feburary Chentiwuni and I set up a Children’s Club. As we had lots of children aged between 3-10 we decided to split them up into two groups. One group was from aged 3-7 and the other group was 8-10.Playing mikado

We then had circle time, which consisted of some song singing, a prayer and a message from the Bible. This was usually a short story and then how we can relate it to our day to day life. So if we wanted forgiveness, we had to learn to forgive others.

After circle time we played games with the children. We had games such as: football, skipping, mikado, puzzles and also sack races.

The children seemed to enjoy themselves and each week, we would grow in number. This was always a blessing.

I throughly enjoyed it and it helped the children learn a bit of English and help me with my Dagbani. Praise God! [Tunteeya]

Postscript: After successfully setting up the children’s club in Yagingu/Kpigi, we were able to train a number of leaders to do the same in other villages. Together with a group of visitors, we were able to see them in action and stimulate them to continue the good job they are doing. In total 4 villages now have a children’s club running and one village runs Sunday school for children.